Our Fly Fishing Classes

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For many, fly fishing has been a long time passion. For some, It will be their first time ever  holding a flyrod. Either way, there is much that can be learned and added to your quiver that will optimize your time on the water. Our Guides and instructors come from various backgrounds in the fly fishing community. We have guides with over two decades of experience and members of the USA Fly Fishing Youth Team.

Our fly-fishing classes are designed to teach an angler not only the fundamental basics, but to also make sure that all bad habits are addressed and corrected. We touch base on every aspect of fly fishing. Subjects like, casting techniques, stream entomology,  reading water and fly selection. We will also cover different rigging styles, such as suspension nymphing, euro nymphing and streamer rigs for multiple deaths of water. We will also show the students how to approach the water and where to start targeting fish, to optimize the amount of fish that can be caught out of a small stretch. The more formation on what we offer or to speak to one of our guides,  feel free to contact us.

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