The Susquehanna river needs no introduction to many anglers. It was at one time one of the most popular rivers in the north-east .  This river does has its issues, but still produces some impressively large smallmouth bass and muskellunge. In the early spring, The Susquehanna river's population of smallmouth are in pre spawn. During high water levels of spring, the smallmouth tend to stage near drop offs and deep structure. Late spring and early summer are a great time to get out and fish the Susquehanna river. These fish have quite the appetite as they begin to move out of their winter holes and stage in summer feeding zones. This offers the fly angler a great opportunity to catch fish on streamers. subsurface will be instrumental to your success. As the heart of summer arrives fish can be taken more consistently on the surface. the bass' metabolism is in full effect. faster retrieves and noisy poppers will produce results. Fall is an excellent time to catch a pig on larger flies. Autumn has signaled to these fish that winter is soon to come. This triggers a feeding frenzy, as they gain weight to prepare for the cold months.